Karna Warrior, “The Corporatization of Mars”

This project takes the form of a marketing portfolio featuring an ad campaign, a “Dear Future Martian” form letter, and a waiver and release of liability for the fictional corporation SpaceCo. The project responds to the recent rise of corporations like SpaceX, juxtaposing romantic popular notions of space travel with its more insidious corporate implications. Karna explains, “romanticizing space may be benign in a fictional setting, but as our technology becomes more advanced and space travel becomes increasingly privatized and available to the public, it has the potential to become problematic.”

For more information about the project design and its commentary on corporate Mars colonization initiatives, read Karna’s complete Project Analysis.

Advertising Campaign

Mars 4

Form Letter

Dear Future Martian_SpaceCo Form Letter p. 1_Karna Warrior.jpg

Dear Future Martian_SpaceCo Form Letter p. 2_Karna Warrior.jpg

Waiver and Release of Liability

SpaceCo Waiver p. 1_Karna Warrior.jpg
SpaceCo Waiver p. 2_Karna Warrior